This Christmas Install a Brand New Fence


Most people await the holiday season to make important purchases they would need for the entire year. It is the holiday time only when people can justify taking major decisions while thinking about what they really need rather than what they want. For BC Fence, we keep getting calls around the holiday season -especially Christmas [...]

This Christmas Install a Brand New Fence2022-11-24T07:10:57-06:00

The Importance of Proper Fence Installation


Take a glance at your beautiful garden. It might appear that something is missing. You have a beautiful array of flora all around your home. However, absence of proper fencing across the perimeter of your home can impose a wide spectrum of potential dangers to your property. Upon visiting your home, your fence is the [...]

The Importance of Proper Fence Installation2022-11-03T06:19:25-05:00

Top FAQs – Cedar Wood Fence


Regardless if you are planning on installing a new cedar wood fence or maybe you have already installed one, you might find solutions here to your questions and doubts. Here we will answer some of the most frequent questions customers ask regarding Cedar Wood and Cedar Wood Fence Installation. But before we answer your questions [...]

Top FAQs – Cedar Wood Fence2022-11-03T06:17:23-05:00

What to Expect from a Leading Fence Company


When we invest in any service, we have a specific outline of ideas, and we expect the fulfilment of ideas according to our necessities. That's also the case when we look for fencing companies. When we decide to put fences around and look forward to leading fencing companies, it becomes necessary to keep certain things [...]

What to Expect from a Leading Fence Company2022-04-28T09:47:00-05:00

Top 5 reasons to install a fence in Austin, Texas!


A fence surrounding your property is the first thing seen when visitors pay a visit to your home. A quality fence will give your property great appeal and an enduring impression. Besides just being an addition to the beautiful ambiance, fences serve other purposes. Especially, owning property in places such as Austin does require Fence [...]

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Sometimes facing the summer heat can be challenging. Many people just want to lay down somewhere where they can beat the heat for a while, at least during the afternoons. One can do the options while staying at home to build up a swimming pool in the house area. A well-maintained swimming pool is an [...]


Professional Fence Installation – Process We Follow


If you're planning to install fences on your property, then first, you should hire a professional Fence installation company. B.C. Fence is known for its professional fencing Installation in Austin. We're fully licensed & insured for fence installation and provide high-quality work every time. We consistently custom-made fences and provide a unique/eye-catching look for your [...]

Professional Fence Installation – Process We Follow2022-01-18T06:44:35-06:00

Fence Installation Legal Facts – Know Before You DIY


Installing fences on your property is necessary nowadays, and there are so many benefits of installing fences like increased property value, extra security, and eye-catching looking. And if you've made up your mind to install fences at your property, then you should know some legal facts about fence installation. There are lots of videos & [...]

Fence Installation Legal Facts – Know Before You DIY2022-01-07T08:24:24-06:00

Make Your Patio Beautiful by Installing A New Fence


People tend to spend a lot of time in their outdoor living space in the summer. Hanging out with friends and family, barbecuing, sitting around the fire pit or cooking in your outdoor kitchen—all of these activities are a big draw to having a yard or garden. One of the things that should be considered [...]

Make Your Patio Beautiful by Installing A New Fence2022-01-03T23:25:25-06:00

Why B.C. Fence Should Install Your Fence


B.C. Fence is a full service fence company. We can install, repair or rejuvenate your fence. We are experts at installation. We are located in Cedar Park and service the entire Austin area and nearby Austin such as Round Rock, Liberty Hill and Pflugerville etc. Since we are locally owned and operated fencing company, we [...]

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