A barbed wire fence is a form of steel fence constructed with wire that has sharp edges or points that are arranged at intervals along the strands. Barbed wire is used to construct inexpensive fences to secure property.

Why is a barbed wire fence so good?

Any person or animal trying to pass through or over a barbed wire fence will face discomfort and potential injury due to the barbs. A barbed wire fence requires only fence posts, wire and affixing materials like staples. Barbed wire fences are low in cost to construct and effective for protection of animals, people and things.

What is barbed wire fencing used for?

Usually, barbed wire fencing is used to keep livestock confined. This keeps valuable animals safe from predators, motor vehicles, deep water and any other type of hazard. See our other decorative cattle panel fence installation. However, barb wire fences have other uses and can make great property fences and good commercial fences. For example, a barb wire fence around an impound lot is a good application of this material. It all depends on what you need.  A good barbed wire fence can last as long as 25 years.

How to prepare your area for a barbed wire fence

You should start with an accurate map of the area you want to fence in so the fencing company like B.C. Fence can build it in the proper location. Location is key when building a barbed wire fence. You’ll also want to know which types of things you’ll be confining with your barbed wire fence because this will determine the size and height of the fence. You don’t want animals, for example,  trying to jump over the fence because they could get hurt.

B.C. Fence can help you construct your barbed wire fence

Let B.C. Fence help you with your barbed wire installation. We know how to build barbed wire fencing. We’ve spent years doing it and we can custom build it to your specifications. We understand the challenges of building a barbed wire fence and can do it right the first time. Our barbed wire installation is top notch.  It will prevent you from any problems with animal loss or property damage. Give us a call at 512-286-8716 today and we can start building that barb wire fence for you.


Why choose barbed wire fencing over other types of fencing?

Barbed wire fencing is preferred for its cost-effectiveness and effectiveness in deterring both humans and animals due to its sharp barbs.

What are the key considerations before installing a barbed wire fence?

Before installation, consider the legal requirements, terrain suitability, and the specific animals or objects you intend to confine or protect.

How do you maintain a barbed wire fence?

Regular maintenance includes checking for damaged wires or posts, ensuring the tension remains adequate, and repairing any breaches promptly to maintain security.

Can barbed wire fencing be used in residential areas?

While primarily used for livestock and commercial purposes, barbed wire can be utilized in residential settings with proper consideration for safety and local regulations.

Can barbed wire fences be combined with other fencing types?

Yes, barbed wire fences can be combined with other fencing types, such as wood or chain link, to enhance security and functionality. For example, adding barbed wire to the top of a chain link fence can provide additional security.