10 things to consider before installing a new fence

A new fence in your backyard is much more than merely piles of wood in the ground. It can improve the overall curb appeal of your house while ramping up privacy, adding a new layer of security, and even benefitting kids & pets by allowing them to roam freely in the backyard. Undoubtedly, there is much more than what will meet your eye as far as the overall functionality of the fence is concerned. The same stands true for proper installation of a new fence in your backyard.

Right from the selection of the right size of the fence to the right material, homeowners are expected to consider a wide range of factors while installing a fence in their homes. To be assured of the best-ever experience, you can hire help from reliable fence contractors to get seamless fence installations for your house.

Some important pointers to keep in mind while installing a new fence are:

Why You Want a Fence in the First Place

Before deciding on the type and size of your fence, it is crucial to understand your motive behind fence installation in your backyard. Do you wish to improve the security of your house? Or, do you wish to have a solid perimeter to your house area to keep out intruders? Do you wish to keep your pets and kids safe inside? Whatever might be your reason -usually a combination of multiple factors, knowing your exact motive will help you in deciding the right fence.

Know Exactly What You Want

Before installing a fence, know all that you need about fencing and its installation process. Understand your backyard, the exact problems you face, and the type of fence suitable for your house’s perimeter. If you wish to block noise and maximize privacy, you should be searching for something solid and tall. Whatever might be your reason behind installing a fence, you should be aware of your exact needs.

Consider Fence Material

It is crucial to choose the right type of fence material for your house. It is because different fence materials will require different maintenance needs. For instance, wood fences require occasional sealing. Therefore, if you feel that wood fencing requires more maintenance, you can opt for a low-maintenance material. To be assured of the best outcomes, you can reach out to reliable fence contractors in your area.

Some of the leading options for fence materials for households are aluminum, stainless steel, wooden, wrought iron, cast iron, and so more. All these materials will have unique pros and cons. Therefore, you should consider the same before choosing the right one.

Conduct Ample Research

Inquire from neighborhood associations and other homeowners in the area about fencing requirements of the particular locality. You should also reach out to the local municipal building code authorities to understand rules & regulations with respect to the material, height, and the overall look of the fence in the particular area.

Neighborhood and city rules might specify the installation of an aesthetic fence for all residential complexes. At the same time, it is important to understand whether or not your fence installation project will require a proper permit.

Know How Much It Costs to Install a Fence

According to statistics, it is estimated that homeowners have to pay somewhere between $1,727 and $4,330 to ensure the installation of wooden fence material. It is because wood fences will cost around $17 to $50 per linear foot for installation. The cost will vary depending on factors like the material selected, height of the fence, labor costs, and so more. Some of the additional costs that need to be considered into the project are the use of installation hardware, sealants, and gates.

Know Your Boundary Line

It is crucial to understand your exact property boundaries during the installation of the fence. To avoid common problems in the long run, it is recommended to reach out to a reliable fence contractor for conducting in-depth property survey. It is a process that needs to be completed before you move in. A property survey will help in confirming boundaries. At the same time, it will also reveal the presence of cables or pipes before digging.

Always Be a Good Neighbor

Before you select your fencing preferences, it is equally important to consider your neighbors by being a good neighbor yourself. It is important to consult them -especially if they will be sharing the fence. In case they are not satisfied with the height or material of the fence chosen, it could eventually lead to major problems in the long run. Therefore, you should aim at being reasonable while making sure that you are clear about your property boundaries.

Consider the Climate and Soil Situation

In cold climatic conditions experiencing frost, concrete anchors are important for the installation of fences. It is recommended that the posts should be around 36 inches in depth. It will help in avoiding cracks in the cold snap.

Design an Entrance that Suits Your New Fence

Consider the incorporation of entrances for the new fence in your house. It is especially true if the entrance will encompass your garden or property. Understand the best type of entrance or gate along with the gap you should leave for your fencing needs.

Hire a Professional Fence Contractor

Fence installation is not an easy process. To be assured of the best outcomes, it is recommended to hire professional help from reliable fence contractors in your area. It is advised that you should hire licensed contractors as they are insured and bonded.


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