When you consider choosing a fence company in Georgetown, Texas, you want a fence contractor who has earned the credentials to do the work.We don’t mean certificates demonstrating a few of the workers passed a community college class called Fencing 101. Our definition of credentials involves having everyone of our fencing professionals licensed and bonded to ensure you receive the finest craftsmanship for your new fence. With a licensed and bonded team of fencing specialists, you enjoy a peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands with B.C. Fence.

Our Georgetown, TX fencing company not only performs highly rated fencing projects for homeowners, we also secure the premises for commercial customers. If you run a business in greater Austin, turn to B.C. Fence to handle all of your fencing needs. We custom design and install fences just for commercial properties to give your business a unique appearance that stands out in the community for all the right reasons.

Benefits of Fence Installation

Adding the right type of fence around the perimeter of your home gives you an additional barrier against Mother Nature’s fury. You know how classic central Texas thunderstorms toss trash into homeowner properties. With a wood or vinyl fence, all of the trash kicked up by a thunderstorm collects on the outside of your property. Fences also offer decorative touches to the front and back areas of your home. You can stain a cedar fence or paint an aluminum fence to enhance the visual appeal of your home.

B.C. Fence lives by the motto “Variety is the spice of life.” We offer a wide variety of fence materials to create custom designs for Georgetown, Texas homeowners. “The more, the merrier” means you have many more fencing options working with us than you have by hiring another contractor operating in the area. If privacy matters to you, B.C. Fence offers several fence designs that prevent nosy neighbors from crashing the party. You will also benefit from a significant reduction in the amount of noise you hear after the fence installation.

Protect Your Loved Ones in Georgetown, Texas

One of the greatest benefits of raising a fence in Georgetown, TX is to prevent pets and children from wandering into neighbor yards and worse, out into busy streets. Although an invisible electric fence takes care of the pet wandering problem, a tall wooden fence with closely spaced panels does a great job of taking care of two potential problems at one time. Installing a fence for the protection of loved ones of both the human and furry kind allows your kids and pets to frolic freely outdoors, without you having to check out the back window every couple of minutes to ensure their safety.

Check Out Fencing Contractor Websites

When you start the search for the right Georgetown fence company, start by checking out the contractor’s website. Not only should the contractor have uploaded numerous images of fencing options, the website should also present images of fence design and installation projects successfully completed by the fencing company. You should read customer testimonials and verify the contractor employs only licensed and bonded workers. After you check out the images of fencing options online, visit the contractor’s office to see the real things up close. Some unscrupulous fencing contractors use free images borrowed from online image sources.

The decision to have a custom fence designed and installed on your property is one of the biggest home improvement decisions you will ever make. Allow B.C Fence to make the decision an easy one by contacting us to schedule a free estimate.