Should I Paint or Stain My Wood Fence?


Are you wondering if you should Paint or Stain your Wooden Fence? Finding it difficult to decide which of them would be better? Well, this thought is not something that's crossing only through your mind. Most homeowners have this doubt. A wood fence is undoubtedly an excellent option for security, but it is also a [...]

Should I Paint or Stain My Wood Fence?2023-03-16T10:24:40-05:00

Fence Installation Legal Facts – Know Before You DIY


Installing fences on your property is necessary nowadays, and there are so many benefits of installing fences like increased property value, extra security, and eye-catching looking. And if you've made up your mind to install fences at your property, then you should know some legal facts about fence installation. There are lots of videos & [...]

Fence Installation Legal Facts – Know Before You DIY2023-03-14T11:38:10-05:00

Make Your Patio Beautiful by Installing A New Fence


People tend to spend a lot of time in their outdoor living space in the summer. Hanging out with friends and family, barbecuing, sitting around the fire pit or cooking in your outdoor kitchen—all of these activities are a big draw to having a yard or garden. One of the things that should be considered [...]

Make Your Patio Beautiful by Installing A New Fence2023-03-14T11:40:54-05:00

Benefits of Wooden Fence


When you have decided to install a fence around your home, patio or yard, the first question that often comes to mind is what should the fence be made of. There are a lot of different materials that are commonly used in the way of fences, each with its own benefits. Wooden fences, for instance, [...]

Benefits of Wooden Fence2023-03-14T11:44:09-05:00

5 Tips for Staining a Wood Fence


Your wood fence gets battered daily by damage from the sun’s UV rays, rot-inducing moisture and other destructive elements. You want your fence to continue to look good through it all. A wood stain can help. It creates a protective barrier that keeps your wood fence looking great over the years. In this article, we’ll [...]

5 Tips for Staining a Wood Fence2023-03-03T09:39:57-06:00

How to Clean and Maintain a Wood Fence


You’ve done it. You’ve had a new wood fence installed. You love it. You want it to last for as long as possible. You should be able to get about 15-20 years out of the fence especially if you clean and maintain it properly. In this article, we’ll discuss how to clean and maintain a [...]

How to Clean and Maintain a Wood Fence2023-03-02T10:01:20-06:00