B.C. Fence provides you with quality construction at a fair price!

You want a custom fence. You need it to have certain parameters and a certain look. You want it to be special. It can be for either your home or your business. B.C. Fence can create a custom fence from scratch. We can work within your needs and your parameters. We offer our services at a fair price. We work hard and our fences are beautiful as well as functional. You’ll love your custom fence from B.C. Fence.

B.C. Fence customizes your fence per your specifications!

At B.C. Fence we put our customers first. Your needs are important to us. We will consult with you on the type of fence you want and need and we will do our best to bring your vision to fruition. We want you to have a commercial or residential fence you can be proud of. It’s our goal. We believe in customer satisfaction and are very eager to help you realizing your fence dreams. We can handle it all when it comes to putting up a fence around your property.

B.C. Fence provides privacy and security with each custom fence.

Any fence, including a custom fence, offers you privacy and security. A custom fence is built to your specifications and can be made taller than a normal fence or shorter, depending upon your needs. We can create your fence with added security features to deter casual intruders from trespassing on your residential or commercial property. We understand how important your privacy and security are to you. They’re also important to us. At B.C. Fence, we can take care of all of your fence needs and do what it takes to make your custom fence experience a good one. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

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