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How to Choose Perfect Fence for Your Residential Space

Fences are a popular addition to most homes. Many homeowners appreciate both the privacy and the security that a fence can bring alongside its visual appeal. Choosing a residential fence for your property will yield a number of benefits that you can enjoy and that can, in time, increase the property value of the home [...]

What Do I Need to Know When I Hire a Fence Contractor?

Looking to build a fence around the premises of your yard? Or perhaps you want to tear down an old fence and renew your perimeter? You can rely on your local fence contractors to get a new fence up for you in a jiffy. But if you’re new to fencing, you might want to learn [...]

Austin Fence Rules

The City of Austin has put together a page about fences, based on the City Code regarding them. In this article, we’ll go over some Austin fence rules. This should help you with installing a fence by the fence companies in Austin. You want to make sure you’re within these guidelines. If you have questions [...]

Why B.C. Fence Should Install Your Fence

B.C. Fence is a full service fence company. We can install, repair or rejuvenate your fence. We are experts at installation. We are located in Cedar Park and service the entire Austin area and nearby Austin such as Round Rock, Liberty Hill and Pflugerville etc. Since we are locally owned and operated fencing company, we [...]

What to Know Before Installing a Fence

Before installing a fence, there are some things you need to know. In this article, we’ll go over what to know before installing a fence. We hope our tips help you with your decision. Know What You Want Before installing a fence, ask yourself why you want a fence in the first place. Depending upon [...]

Vinyl Fences versus Wood Fences

Many people can’t decide whether to get a Wood Fence or a vinyl fence. We offer a brief comparison here that may help you make your choice. We discuss price, appearance, design, durability, and maintenance. Price wood is usually cheaper than vinyl. However, fence installation costs are largely comparable. When you think about cost, you [...]

Picket Fences – Why They Are So Charming

Everyone seems to want a house with a white picket fence. It’s as if it were part of the American dream. The truth is that picket fences do add visual charm to your landscape. They also provide added security for children and pets and give a clear determination of property boundaries in more urban areas. [...]

How to Choose the Fence Material for Your Yard

How do you choose the fence material for your yard? Well, the most common materials for fences are: chain link, wood, vinyl and metal. Chain link and wood are usually the most popular because of their low cost. Ornamental fences made from metals are considered ‘high-end’. Vinyl can cost about the same as a metal [...]

Going Green with a Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fences are highly sustainable, durable and beautiful. They can help you go green in an easy way. There are several bamboo fence styles. They are: live bamboo, bamboo cane, rolled bamboo, bamboo stick and bamboo twig. Live Bamboo Fence – a great option if you live in a climate that’s warm year-round. Bamboo grows [...]

Fence Gates – What You Need to Know

A fence gate is usually affected more by wear and tear than any other part of the gate. It stands to reason because it’s the most used part of the fence. To freshen up posts and pickets, all you have to do is put a new fresh coat of paint on them. A fence gate, [...]