The fencing professionals at B.C. Fence know you have several options for choosing a fencing company. This is why we emphasize to everyone we meet that every member of our team of home services professionals is licensed and bonded to complete a wide variety of fencing projects successfully. Not only does B.C. Fence perform industry leading fencing jobs for Cedar Park, Texas homeowners, we have also received rave reviews for our work completed for commercial customers. Our specialty is designing and installing custom fences that make your property stand out in the neighborhood and within an industrial park.
When you work with B.C Fence, you work with a fencing contractor that always has your best interests in mind.

Plenty of Fencing Options

When we meet with you, one of the first orders of business is to describe your fencing options. After describing each style of fences we have to offer, and then our team of home improvement experts suggests a fence material that works best for your home and property.
Aluminum fencing represents the most standard type of fence and its popularity is mostly due to the aesthetic appeal the metal adds to the value of your home. Wood fences present a rustic charm that reminds everyone who passes by your home of ranch house. Maintenance for wood fencing tends to run higher than average, but you can reduce maintenance costs by applying stain and varnish to protect sensitive wood from decay. PVC fences are the most inexpensive way to mark the perimeter of your property. You can add PVC sleeves on top of wooden support posts to increase the stability of a wooden fence. Wrought iron fencing offers several different unique designs, as well as provides plenty of strength to withstand poor weather conditions.

Vinyl Fencing to Handle Cedar Park, Texas Storms

One type of fencing we like to discuss with Cedar Park, TX homeowners is PVC fencing. We consider PVC to be an elite material to use for fence designs. Some manufacturers claim PVC fencing is almost five times stronger than wooden fences. The maintenance free material resists paint, which means you can easily remove graffiti and other stains, such as the stains left by our winged friends. Simply hose a PVC fence down and wipe clean using a cloth. PVC fencing also does a great job of preventing hail from damaging the fence surface.

Select the Right Fence for Your Property

Cedar Park, Texas homeowners install fences for a wide variety of reasons, from the desire to have more privacy to ensuring the family dog remains within the property. After describing the many different types of fencing, our team of customer first fencing specialists will ask you why you want to add a fence around or within your property. Some of our customers simply want a small fence to protect their gardens from hungry varmints. Other customers want to enhance the curb appeal of their homes. We remind our customers to check with the homeowners association to see if there are any restrictions or guidelines for installing fences. For example, we have worked with homeowners who have to install aluminum fences to ensure consistency throughout the neighborhood.

Whatever the reason is for adding a fence on your property, you want to make sure you hire a fencing contractor that has achieved years of experience. Check out the online reviews for B.C. Fence to read about our professionalism and custom designed fences that our Cedar Park, TX customers love.

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