B.C. Fence will install all makes of Chain Link Fence in the Austin area!

Whether it’s for a business or your home, a chain link fence is:

• Cost effective
• Easy to care for
• Able to Last for years
• Available in a variety of options

Posts and chain-link fabric can be metallic-coated or color-coated. Metallic-coated chain-link fences are available in a variety of coatings. Vinyl and polymer color-coatings are available in black, green and brown.

Chain link fabric is offered in a number of different diamond sizes. Generally, the smaller the diamond size, the stronger the fence. All residential chain-link fabric should be “knuckled” at the top and bottom of the fence to eliminate exposure to sharp edges.


What makes chain link fences a cost-effective option?

Chain link fences are typically more affordable than other types of fencing materials, such as wood or vinyl. They require fewer materials and less labor to install, making them a budget-friendly choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Are chain link fences suitable for residential properties?

Yes, chain link fences are suitable for residential properties. They are affordable, durable, and require low maintenance. They are commonly used for boundary marking, pet containment, and added security.

How long can a chain link fence last?

With proper maintenance, a chain link fence can last for many years. The longevity of the fence depends on factors such as the quality of the materials used, the environment it is installed in, and how well it is maintained.

What are the available coating options for chain link fences?

Chain link fences can be metallic-coated or color-coated. Metallic coatings include options like galvanized or aluminized coatings, which provide rust protection. Color-coated fences are available in vinyl and polymer coatings, typically in black, green, and brown, which add an aesthetic appeal and extra layer of protection.

What are the advantages of using color-coated chain link fences?

Color-coated chain link fences offer several benefits, including enhanced aesthetic appeal, better blending with the surrounding environment, and additional protection against rust and corrosion. The coatings come in various colors such as black, green, and brown.

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