Unique Fence Designs Taken to a Whole New Level in Jonestown, Texas

There’s a big difference between private family-owned and ran B.C. Fence, and big-box home improvement retailers who have opened up their stores in Jonestown, TX. One of those major differences is in the personal touch B.C. Fence offers to every one of its customers (potential and otherwise). Our fencing experts are licensed and bonded, and offer friendly, pointed, and knowledgeable advice on all of your fencing questions and needs.

Calling our store is different in that we don’t waste your time with automated generic customer service like our competition does. There’s no button-pressing required to get to one of our fencing professionals. For example, at B.C. Fence, when you call you receive instant customer service from one of our fence specialists. If we are out on another project, just leave your details in a message and we’ll immediately return your call with the solution you need to move forward on your next fencing project.

B.C. Fence Helps You Choose the Correct Fence

Just because we’re a family owned and family operated fence company doesn’t mean we skimp on customized fencing options. We carry a large variety of custom fences for Jonestown, TX residents. It’s important to have the selection required to meet the needs of every specific fencing project in Jonestown, Texas. And at B.C. Fence we have just that!

The most cost effective way to enclose your property with a fence is to install PVC sleeves over wooden posts. This keeps your new fence more stable while also extending the life of the wood support poles. If you have elevated or uneven terrain, we strongly suggest the use of PVC sleeves for your next fence.

For foundational strength and aesthetic appeal you can’t go wrong with a wrought iron fence. However, the downside to wrought iron fences is the biannual maintenance required to keep it clean (sanding and repainting). Choose a wrought iron fence to enhance your property’s visual appeal, but there are other fence types that offer better perimeter security.

For a much lower maintenance fence, vinyl fencing is a good option. To keep your vinyl fence clean, you only need to rinse the fence with water (typically using a water hose) and then dry off the water with cloth.

Aluminum verses Wood Fence: What’s Best for Jonestown, Texas Residents?

Our Jonestown, TX customers frequently ask us “Wood or Aluminum Fencing – what is best for me?”

Aluminum is relatively maintenance free and sleek with solid curb appeal. A metal fence looks fantastic as is, but can be spruced up with a fresh coat of paint to match your home’s exterior color. A downside to choosing an aluminum fence is that it isn’t as sturdy as other fence types, and there are better materials if perimeter security is a priority for you.

The most popular materials chosen for fences in the United States is Cedar and Pine wood. Wooden fences also come with the added bonus of being able to erect 6 feet high and provide the perimeter of your home with far more privacy than other fence types. Wood also provides a southern aesthetic to the outside of your home that matches the look of other structures built in the Texas Hill Country. Though, wooden fence posts are vulnerable to damage from inclement weather, so we recommend (and offer) PVC sleeves to prevent weather related damage to your next wood fence.

Should Jonestown, Texas homeowners choose aluminum or wood material for their fence? Frankly, aluminum fencing is more cost effective to install than a wooden fence, but both fence types work and service their purpose in the right context.

Secure Your Home and Protect Your Family with a Fence Installed by Professionals

Our fence experts at B.C. Fence have assisted many customers in seeing their custom designed fences come to life. By having your next fence installed by the professionals at B.C. Fence, you get the peace of mind knowing that your home and family are safe and secure behind a visually delightful and durable fence. When you meet with our team of licensed and bonded home improvement professionals, you will provide a general idea of what you’re looking for in your next security fence and we’ll find a solution that keeps your property and family members safe and secure.

As the best, most customer friendly fence contractor in Jonestown, Texas, B.C. Fence offers its clients an endless amount of variety and options that will enhance the value of their property. Reach out to us now and schedule an appointment for a free estimate on your next fence!