What is security fencing?

Security fencing is meant to keep a business secure from intruders. It’s a barrier that is supposed to slow them down or deter them entirely. Effective security fencing should be built to last and withstand whatever an intruder can dish out.

Effective Security Fencing

Effective security fencing does the following:

  • Shows people the legal boundary of the property.
  • Assists in controlling and screening authorized entries into a secured area by deterring entry elsewhere along the boundary.
  • Supports other security functions such as surveillance and detection.
  • Deters casual intruders from entering a secure area.
  • Creates a psychological deterrent.
  • Reduces the number of security guards a business needs.
  • And provides a cost effective method for protecting facilities.

A security fence is meant to keep your perimeter safe.

Types of security fences

There are a wide variety of types of fencing that you could use for a security fence. B.C. Fence can custom built your security fence. We can do a chain link fence, rod iron fence, expanded metal fencing and more. Security fence systems are usually more durable, larger and have fewer entry points. They are meant to secure the perimeter and make sure that no one gets in who is not supposed to get in to your location. Whatever type of security fence system you use is up to you, your security needs and the size of your location. We will work with you to make sure we install the best fence possible for your security needs.

Contact B.C. Fence for Your Security Fence

B.C. Fence has the tools and experience to create your security fence. We can custom build your security fence from scratch or use an existing fence model and install it. We are experts at fence design and security fence installation. We have built security fence systems for many locations in Austin and the surrounding areas. We can provide your business with more secure protection with our security fence installation.

We encourage you to give us a call at 512-284-8716 at your earliest convenience so we can get your security fence installation started and you can have peace of mind over your property. Let B.C. Fence help you today.


What are the benefits of installing a security fence?

A security fence provides clear property boundaries, deters unauthorized entry, supports surveillance efforts, and can reduce the need for extensive security personnel.

Which type of security fence is best for my business?

The best type of security fence depends on factors like your security needs, location size, and budget. Options include chain link, wrought iron, and expanded metal fencing, each offering different levels of durability and aesthetics.

Can security fences improve property value?

Yes, installing a high-quality security fence can improve the value of your property by enhancing its safety and privacy, which are attractive features to potential buyers.

What considerations should I keep in mind when choosing a security fence installation company?

Look for companies with experience in designing and installing security fences specific to your industry needs. Ensure they use quality materials and offer customization options to meet your security objectives effectively.

Is a custom-built security fence worth the investment?

Custom-built security fences are tailored to your property’s unique layout and security requirements, often offering superior durability and effectiveness compared to standard fencing options.