B.C. Fence builds beautiful fences for Austin Farms and Ranches!

Austin and the surrounding area are prime locations for farm and ranches of all sizes and functions. We build quality fences for your Austin ranch or farm. We know farmer and ranchers need help protecting their property and livestock with the proper fencing.
We have the experience for your project no matter if you’re a large property rancher or smaller farmer.

See some our decorative cattle panel fence installations

Ranch Fencing Options We Have Include:

Barbed wire fencing
• Livestock fence
• Split rail fence
• Game fence


What are the benefits of barbed wire fencing for ranches and farms?

Barbed wire fencing is cost-effective and provides effective containment for livestock. It’s durable and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for large properties.

How can livestock fencing improve farm management?

Livestock fencing helps in organizing grazing areas, prevents livestock from straying, and enhances security against predators. It also contributes to better pasture management and rotational grazing practices.

Can farm fences be customized?

Yes, our farm fences can be customized to fit specific requirements. You can choose between different heights, materials, and additional features like gates and electric wires for added security.

What considerations should be made when installing game fencing?

Game fencing is designed to withstand wildlife pressure and protect valuable crops or livestock from wild animals. It requires careful planning to ensure appropriate height and mesh size depending on the type of wildlife in the area.

How does B.C. Fence ensure durability and longevity in ranch and farm fencing projects?

B.C. Fence uses high-quality materials and employs experienced techniques to build fences that withstand weather conditions and the demands of agricultural use. Our installations are designed to provide long-term security and protection.

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