B.C. Fence Gives Liberty Hill, Texas Homeowners Several Fencing Options for Fence Installation

When it comes to options for Liberty Hill fencing, TX homeowners, the licensed and bonded team of professionals at B.C. Fence offers several choices that increase the value of your home. If you need a fence to prevent pets and young children from wandering off the property, we have the options to meet your fence buying criteria. We custom design and install privacy fences to prevent noise and nosy neighbors from dropping into a party uninvited.

B.C. Fence also offers fencing options for both Liberty, Texas homeowners and businesses. Our versatility and extensive custom design ideas for marking your property perimeter makes us the go to fencing company in greater Austin. We love creating unique custom designed fences that make your property the envy of neighbors and everyone you invite over for social events.

When you hire B.C. Fence, you can rest assured the new fence we custom design and install around your property is top of the line.

Unique Custom Fence Designs in Liberty Hill, TX

Most of our customers are aware of wood, vinyl, and aluminum fencing options. What most of our Liberty Hill, TX customers do not know is we also offer unique custom fencing designs that other fencing contractors in the area do not have in their inventories. If you need an invisible electric fence to prevent the family dog from chasing rabbits and squirrels into neighboring yards, we have you covered. Installing an electrical fence involves setting a wire in a shallow trench dug into the ground that extends around the property you want to set for your dog’s protection. We place a wireless transmitter near the wire to activate the motion detector located in the dog’s battery-fueled collar.

Bamboo fencing has become a popular fencing option among Liberty Hill, Texas homeowners. The naturally grown wood not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, it also makes the statement that you care about using environmentally friendly products to create your home’s border. You do not have to live in the Hill Country to appreciate farm fencing, as the popular rural homeowner type of fence has entered the residential market in greater Austin. Whatever unique custom designed fence you want B.C. Fence to design and install, you will enjoy all of the benefits our fencing products give Liberty Hill, TX homeowners.

The Masters of Classic Chain Link Fencing

If privacy does not matter, but adding a stylish fence does matter, you cannot go wrong installing a chain link fence along the perimeter of your home or around a valuable backyard asset such as a pool or garden. The inexpensive, long lasting, and low maintenance fence option works well with backyards thick with vegetation growing along a property line. For example, if you have bushes growing along your property border, a chain link fence improves the security of your home and increase privacy enough to give you peace of mind. Chain link fences are easy to install and our team of fencing professionals will help you find the right style chain link fence to complement the exterior decor of your home.

Highly Rated Fence Company

Read online reviews and check out the rating the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given our fencing business. We are proud to have achieved the highest BBB rating of A+, with online customer reviews praising our high-quality fencing products and our commitment to delivering superior customer service. You can read other great reviews on Yelp.

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