Advice for hiring the right fencing contractor in Round Rock, Texas typically focuses on a checklist that ensures you pick the best company to meet your needs. One of the tips for finding the best fencing company often goes unnoticed by the homeowners we meet.

It’s called friendly customer service.

You can hire a fencing contractor that offers state of the art fencing and still come away disappointed because the company employs workers who only care about cashing paychecks. At B.C. Fence, our family owned and operated fencing business excels in delivering friendly customer service that helps our customers make the right fencing decisions for their homes. Our team of licensed and bonded fencing professionals takes pride in designing and installing custom fences that our customers rave about in glowing online reviews.

Avoid Costly Fencing Mistakes

Remember the timeless quote made by American legend Benjamin Franklin: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.” The biggest mistake you can make in choosing a fencing company is basing your decision solely on price. What you get is what you pay for has special meaning form Round Rock, TX homeowners. When you go cheap on the design and installation of a new fence, you can expect the fence to cost you more money in the long run because of high maintenance costs.

Another mistake we urge Round Rock, Texas homeowners to avoid is hiring an inexperienced fencing company. The number of years a fencing contractor has operated does not tell the entire experience story. You also want to know the experience level of the team of fencing workers a company sends out into the field. A fencing company can have decades of experience, but because of high turnover, you can hire a team of fencing workers who possess little, if any on the job experience.

Fencing Homework for Round Rock, TX Homeowners

Buyer’s remorse is costly for Round Rock, TX homeowners who do not do their homework when deciding on the right fencing contractor for their homes. Make sure to research every fencing company under consideration by reading online reviews and checking out the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) web page. Ask for references and call the references to verify a fencing company’s claim of performing quality fencing jobs. One of the biggest red flags you can expect to find online is reading customer comments that complain about a fence company’s empty promises. Some of the common empty promises include false price claims and guarantees of completing fencing projects before deadlines.

B.C Fence Offers Fencing Variety

One of the main reasons B.C. Fence receives high praise from Round Rock, Texas customers is our commitment to offering a wide variety of custom designed fences. The materials we use to create unique fencing systems include wood, PVC, Aluminum, and exotic bamboo. No other fencing company in greater Austin offers as much fence varieties as the fencing varieties offered by B.C. Fence. Our team of customer first fencing specialists presents several fence size, color, and material options to help you create a one of a kind fencing design for your home. We even suggest material combinations, such as adding PVC sleeves to wooden support beams to increase the strength of a fence we install around the perimeter of your home.

When it comes to designing and installing unique fences in Round Rock, TX, one company stands out from the rest. Call B.C. Fence or complete our convenient online form today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.