Taking Fence Designs to a New Level in Pflugerville, TX

What is the biggest difference between family owned and operated B.C. Fence and giant home improvement retailers who have set up shop in Pflugerville, Texas? It all comes down to the quality of customer service provided by the licensed and bonded team of fencing professionals at B.C. Fence. When you call our store, you never have to listen to an automated customer service line. We answer all of our calls promptly and then proceed to offer friendly and knowledgeable customer service that answers all of you fencing questions.

There’s no “Press 1 for customer assistance” when you call B.C. Fence. You receive superior customer service before you hear the second telephone ring. If we are out on a job, leave your name and number and we will immediately return your call with the answer you need to move forward with a fencing project.

B.C. Fence Makes Sure You Choose the Right Fence

Although we are family owned and operated, our team of fencing specialists still offers a wide variety of custom fencing options for Pflugerville, TX homeowners. By far the most inexpensive way to surround your property with fencing, PVC sleeves placed over wooden posts create more fencing stability, as well as extend the lifespan of the wooden support poles. We recommend PVC for fences that run over uneven terrain. Wrought iron fences offer both strength and aesthetic appeal, but you have to sand or repaint the iron surfaces every two years. This type of fence is more about the visual enhancement of your property that it is about ensuring a secure home perimeter. You can opt for vinyl fencing and virtually eliminate all maintenance costs. To clean vinyl fencing, all you have to do is hose down the surface and wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Wood vs. Aluminum: What Works Best for Pflugerville, Texas Homeowners?

One of the most frequent questions we here from our Pflugerville, TX customer is “Should I go with wood or aluminum fencing.” Relatively maintenance free aluminum is the standard for fencing attractiveness. The metal looks great untouched, as well as when you add a coat or two of paint to match the exterior décor of your home. However, aluminum is not as strong and it does not offer as much security as other types of fencing materials.

Wood-especially pine and cedar-represents the most popular type of fence material used throughout the United States. You can add a wooden fence that reaches six feet tall and instantly enjoy more privacy. Wood also presents a down home appearance that reminds you of the structures built in the Hill Country. However, wood is vulnerable to Mother Nature’s violent weather, which is why we recommend PVC sleeves to prevent damage to wooden fence posts.

When it comes down to wood vs. aluminum, it often comes down to price. Aluminum fencing costs less to install than the addition of a wooden fence around your property.

Protect Your Family with a Professionally Installed Fence

The fencing experts at B.C. Fence have helped numerous customers create custom designed fences that protect children and pets. A professionally installed security fence prevents your kids and furry friends from wandering into the street, as well as taking their curious natures next door in pursuit of trouble. When you sit down with one of our licensed and bonded home improvement specialists, you will specify what you want in a security fence and our team will quickly come up with a solution that protects your loved ones.

As the go to fencing company in Pflugerville, Texas, B.C. Fence offers homeowners an extensive list of custom designed options that increase the value of their homes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.