Bamboo fences are highly sustainable, durable and beautiful. They can help you go green in an easy way. There are several bamboo fence styles. They are: live bamboo, bamboo cane, rolled bamboo, bamboo stick and bamboo twig.

bamboo-cane-fence bamboo-stick-fence bamboo-twig-fence live-bamboo-fence

Live Bamboo Fence – a great option if you live in a climate that’s warm year-round. Bamboo grows about a foot per year. This will give you a good-sized fence in just a couple of years’ time. Once it reaches maturity, you can trim it annually.

Bamboo Cane Fence – comprised of 3/8” diameter poles woven together with galvanized wire. This type of bamboo fence is wind resistant. It won’t succumb to weather as quickly as other wood materials. It’s also harvested from renewable materials.

Rolled Bamboo Fence – a variety of bamboo fence made out of ¾” bamboo poles that are linked together and rolled up. Rolled bamboo fences come in heights up to 8’ tall. They can be installed on wood posts or over pre-existing fences, like a chain link fence.

Bamboo Stick Fence – uses ½” bamboo slats instead of poles. It can be rolled up. You’ll want to treat this fence with a weather sealer to prevent it from rotting or weather damage.

Bamboo Twig Fence – made of small bamboo twigs that are interwoven and held together with galvanized steel wire. Resembling a thatch fence, it gives your yard an island-like feel.

Now that you know what types of bamboo fences there are, we’ll discuss why going green with a bamboo fence is good for you and the environment. They are highly sustainable.  Bamboo is the largest of the grass-family and one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Unlike trees, which can take a long time to grow large enough to be used for building materials, individual bamboo stems emerge from the ground at their full diameter and grow to their full height in a few months. Most bamboo shoots will continue to grow from the stalk where they were cut. Other types of trees have to be replanted and felled for wood.

Bamboo is also durable. It can stand up to the elements. Because of this, a bamboo fence will last longer than a traditional fence. They’re also naturally resistant to insects that bother other types of wood. Termites, for example, can’t digest bamboo so they stay away from it. Bamboo fences will last for decades.

Finally, bamboo fence in Austin are beautiful. They come in designs that easily blend in to the landscape and bring a unique beauty to any enclosure. With its natural wood-grain style, bamboo can give you the privacy of a traditional fence while bringing an exotic tropical look to your yard.

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