Old Wooden Fence

You might not be sure if you should build a fence around your property. Well, there are some solid reasons for you to have a fence built. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should build a fence so you can make up your mind to do it.


If you have an open or large yard, it can be hard to enjoy it when everyone can see into it. A fence about six feet tall should make it difficult for most people to see what you’re doing. This can help your family spend more time outdoors. It can make your yard more comfortable and usable, adding to the living space for your family.


If you have young children, a fence can add another layer of safety. Keep it locked and you can keep your young children in the backyard and not have to worry about them getting out. It’s also safer for dogs to be fenced in in the backyard and not running around the neighborhood. A fence can also act as a deterrent to anyone trying to get into your backyard for any reason. It can keep intruders of the human and animal variety out of your way.


Is your house near a busy street or highway? If so, you could find it difficult to get some peace and quiet. A fence that borders your yard can play a huge part in cutting down on the noise from the street. Certain fences have more noise-cancelling properties. Some can cut off up to 70% of noise. Ask us for help in determining the best fence to cancel out the noise on your property.

Clarifying your property boundaries

Sometimes, neighbors dispute where their property ends and yours begins. When you build a fence, you have to pull paperwork which shows exactly where that line is. You are not legally allowed to build a fence on someone else’s property. The fence, therefore, can minimize disputes with neighbors and save you the time and energy of having to deal with this issue.

We hope these reasons help you determine that you need a fence. We’d love it if you asked us to install it. We, at B.C. Fence are experts at Fence installation and repairing fences. Give us a call at 512-284-8716 for more information.