Picket Fences – Why They Are So Charming

Everyone seems to want a house with a white picket fence. It’s as if it were part of the American dream. The truth is that picket fences do add visual charm to your landscape. They also provide added security for children and pets and give a clear determination of property boundaries in more urban areas.

Picket fences can be a pleasing way to build a sense of privacy without blocking out the world. Before you consider a picket fence, you must first decide whether it is a practical choice for your home. If you want a fence to show the boundary of your yard and maintain a welcome feeling for visitors, then a picket fence might be perfect for you.

Some people hesitate to install a picket fence because they are traditionally painted. Many homeowners do not want the continuous maintenance work. Most picket fences do require yearly touch-ups and a full repainting after five years. You could stain instead of paint. Staining is easy to reapply particularly the transparent kind. You could also let the wood weather naturally. Eventually most woods will turn to a silvery, gray color that blends into plants and vegetation.

If you want your picket fence painted, you can keep up with it. Use high-quality paint and keep touch-up paint on hand for when you notice any issues. It will take years before you need to repaint. Areas that are exposed to the sun the most will have issues first so watch out for those.

The best bet is to choose a simple design and simple wood. However, classic picket fences often have a decorative element that visually ties the fence in with the home. Rustic and romantic designs have more ornate pickets with polished finials and other artful details. Sometimes, you can just have a basic design that is very low-key and doesn’t compete with the home’s design.

The picket fence you choose should reflect your specific needs for the fence as well as the time period of your home.  If you have questions, please contact us at B.C. Fence. We have a great deal of experience with picket fences.