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Going Green with a Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fences are highly sustainable, durable and beautiful. They can help you go green in an easy way. There are several bamboo fence styles. They are: live bamboo, bamboo cane, rolled bamboo, bamboo stick and bamboo twig. Live Bamboo Fence – a great option if you live in a climate that’s warm year-round. Bamboo grows [...]

Fence Gates – What You Need to Know

A fence gate is usually affected more by wear and tear than any other part of the gate. It stands to reason because it’s the most used part of the fence. To freshen up posts and pickets, all you have to do is put a new fresh coat of paint on them. A fence gate, [...]

Why Do You Need a Commercial Fence?

A commercial fence is an important thing to have. You may not realize it yet. However, in this article we’ll tell you why you do need a commercial fence. Honestly, the reasons for building a commercial fence are similar to the reasons for building a home fence. A high quality, sturdy and durable commercial fence [...]

What is a wrought iron fence good for?

Wrought iron fences are beautiful and elegant. They are stately and give a home a sense of richness. Of course, they’re a little more on the expensive side. We think a wrought iron fence may well be worth the expense. In this article we’ll tell you what a wrought iron fence is good for. What [...]

How to Clean a Wood Fence

A wood fence provides great privacy for your backyard. Eventually, however, it will need to be cleaned of dirt, mold or algae. Wood is a porous surface so that means that dirt can get deep into the crevices where you can’t see it. This makes a wood fence a bit difficult to clean. In this [...]

Cedar vs. Redwood – Which wood do you choose for your fence?

In this article, we’re going to go head to head with two popular wood fence choices – redwood vs. cedar. We’ll see what each fence material has to offer and hopefully help you choose a material for your next wood fence. Of course, if the results are inconclusive then it’s a win-win. You’ll have two [...]

How Can We Prevent Pests and Bugs from Ruining Our Backyard?

Do you like having a garden or just sitting on the patio watching the sun go down? Then, you probably want to get rid of bugs and pests in your backyard. Bugs and pests can also do damage to your fence. In this article, we’ll tell you how to prevent bugs and pests from ruining [...]

5 Tips for Staining a Wood Fence

Your wood fence gets battered daily by damage from the sun’s UV rays, rot-inducing moisture and other destructive elements. You want your fence to continue to look good through it all. A wood stain can help. It creates a protective barrier that keeps your wood fence looking great over the years. In this article, we’ll [...]

5 Tips for Tearing Down an Old Fence

It’s time to take down your old fence. It’s rotting or breaking or just not working anymore. Before you can put in a new fence, you have to tear down the old fence. In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 tips for tearing down an old fence. We hope they help. Of course, you [...]

What Type of Fence Should I Get?

Do you need a new fence? Are you wondering what type to get? In this article, we’ll help answer the question – What type of fence should I get? We hope this helps you pick the proper fence for you and your yard. What does a fence do? You’ll need to answer that question for [...]