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The Benefits of Owning an Iron Fence

Iron fencing is expensive and requires installation from professionals like the ones you’ll find at B.C. Fence. There are many benefits of owning an iron fence. We’ll go over them in this article. Iron fences have aesthetic appeal. Wrought iron fences are decorative and artistically elegant. What is wrought iron? It is iron metal that’s [...]

Our Custom Gates

Our custom gates are top-of-the-line installations that will likely improve the value on your home and will definitely improve your appreciation of your property!

Chain Link Fence Details

We’re giving all the details on chain link fences!

Fence Options: Wooden Fence

What kind of fence are you thinking about for your home? You’re certainly not limited on options! The number of materials you can make your fence out of is only the beginning of your options - after that, you’ll then have to tackle the placement, size, and shape of the fence!

Reasons for a New Fence Installation

Today we’re talking about the benefits of a fence installation!  This blog is going to examine very broad reasons why you’ll love getting a quality fence installed. Though some of this advice may not apply to all makes and models of fences (a chainlink fence won’t really stop that much noise pollution in most situations, [...]

B.C. Fence – Welcome

Welcome to our all-new site for our Austin fence service!  We’re glad you’re here to check it out. One of the most exciting parts about launching this blog is that it can serve as a direct link to our awesome customers right into our fence business.   […]